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Over the last few years, the IT landscape has changed significantly (probably unsurprising to hear). As a support company, the use of “Remote Monitoring and Management” tools (RMM) has spread rapidly across the industry from being a “big business only” tool, now suitable for all sizes of company.  We even use it as standard in our support service to monitor our customer networks.

RMM software is a tool Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like EPX (and in-house IT personnel in larger companies) use to monitor, support, as well as update multiple devices remotely.

This software makes it easier for businesses to track the performance of devices across a wide network. With RMM software, businesses and MSPs can simply and effectively increase their network reliability, proactively decrease the risk of cyberattacks, as well as prevent system failures.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management Software?

If you are unfamiliar with remote monitoring and management software, you’re not alone. RMM is a type of IT software that allows in-house IT personnel and MSPs to monitor a company’s devices, endpoints, as well as networks remotely. Remote monitoring and management software (also called network management software) gets installed on all of a company’s devices. This software allows IT personnel to remotely monitor the health and status of all devices and servers on a network.

This allows IT teams to identify problems on any device remotely. And quickly fix these issues over a secure connection before the problem escalates. RMM software has then proven extremely beneficial to companies of all sizes. Allowing technicians to quickly access device information from any location and provide support. If your business has yet to take advantage of the benefits network management software can provide, you may want to take a moment to consider doing so this year. Here is a look at just a few of the reasons you should make investing in RMM a priority.

The benefits of RMM to your business – and why this matters:


Less downtime

RMM allows us to spot known/common issues on your computer (for example, low disk space, high CPU/RAM usage or internet outages).

These issues alert our team to take action before a problem escalates, helping to reduce lost productivity caused by outages. This allows us as an MSP to dig deep into a known cause of any issue. When our RMM software notices a problem, it raises a ticket on our IT helpdesk so our engineers can start work often before any end-user notices.


Remote support

As an MSP, we often take control of computers using our RMM software – you’ve probably even seen us remoting in to fix problems for you. This of course saves you from having to wait for a site-visit to resolve problems.

But did you know that we use the same tool when we’re planning upgrades or repairs? RMM tells us just about every statistic about your computer, and we can check on settings without having to disturb you. This is incredibly helpful when diagnosing problems for you.


Security of Systems

We integrate our RMM software with our Managed Anti-Virus. So not only does this automatically keep the anti virus software up to date, but it again raises tickets in our system in the event of any virus activity being detected so our engineers can investigate.

Our RMM software is also responsible for patching your computer – so when you see “Automatic Updates” happening on your computer, I’m afraid that’s a necessary evil that we’re monitoring with our tools. Keeping systems up to date is an essential part of good cyber security.

With all these features in place, scheduled either automatically or manually, we keep your system secure and up to date – which means less downtime for you and your colleagues.



Monitoring any organisation's network is a 24/7 task, with the RMM tools, we as your MSP get notifications instantly of any critical alerts of your IT infrastructure addressing these alerts by taking action to prevent these potential threats or problems from escalating before they get out of hand.


This is a nice simple one actually…. At EPX we include RMM tools as standard with our support agreements!

Contact us for more details, explore our range of services, and find out how we can help you today.

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